Leadership & Team Development

How to Turn Your Employees Into Driven and Loyal Team Members Who Put Profits and Customers First!

Leadership & Team Development

How to Turn Your Employees Into Driven and Loyal Team Members Who Put Profits and Customers First!

As a business owner, your highest priority is to drive business growth, to see your profits soar and to keep your clients and customers satisfied.

You can’t do all of that by yourself.

The fact is that if you want your business and profits to grow quarter after quarter, you will need to rely on your employees to do their part. That means they MUST understand what winning looks like for your business, and…

….they must be brought into your business, culture and values so that they can execute their duties until the desired outcome is achieved.

That’s the ONLY way you will win in business.

That’s also the way we win in battle.

Look, the battlefield of business and the battlefield of war are very similar in nature.

That’s why it was easy for me to go from the battlefield to winning in business.

Hi, my name is Steve Eckert. I’m a former U.S. Marine and an entrepreneur with an amazing team who helps to run my business.

Along with former U.S. Navy SEAL Ray Care, I’m the co-founder of LTD Training for businesses like yours that have a great product or service who want to turn your employees into driven and loyal team members committed to growing your business and profits while keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

As I said, the battlefield of business and the battlefield of war are very similar.

Winning takes leadership, teamwork, effective communication and problem-solving skills.

That’s how we won on the battlefield during wartime, and that’s how you will win on the battlefield of business.

No matter how good your employees are, there’s always room for improvement in the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

The cost of losing your competitive edge, market share, efficiency and customer retention can be detrimental to your business.

Imagine if your team operated with:The teamwork and communication skills of a Navy SEAL and the discipline, mindset, and motivation of a U.S. Marine. Can you imagine how unstoppable your business would be?



Leadership and Team Development Training, also known as LTD, is developed by two entrepreneurs and combat-hardened warriors –  a Navy SEAL and a U.S. Marine.

They’ve worked with businesses of different sizes and across multiple industries to help them reach their full potential in success and profits – because when employees become a team, they become unstoppable!

Now you have the opportunity to bring their team training into your organization to help your employees become high-performing team members who are driven to lead, communicate, problem-solve and win!

PILLAR ONE: Problem-Solving –

All of business is problem-solving. What business leaders are looking for in employees and team members is the ability to solve problems until a profitable outcome is produced. In business and in combat, the ability to solve problems and achieve results is the determining factor between failure and success. LTD Training will put your team through problem-solving evolutions and lessons designed to help them understand the value of problem-solving and to develop the skill sets to problem-solve until a profitable outcome is achieved.

PILLAR TWO: Communication –

Studies confirm that 80% of business growth setbacks are a result of poor or ineffective communication. The fact is that most people are conditioned to NOT communicate openly and clearly, and this can quickly become the kiss of death for your business. LTD Training will teach your team the three parts of effective communication, ensuring that you never have communication breakdown in your business again.

PILLAR THREE: Leadership –

Everyone in your organization IS a leader. Unfortunately, most don’t see themselves in leadership roles and therefore choose to passively wait for someon else to take charge. This is not good for your business. During LTD Training, every one of your team members will be educated on the value of self-leadership and team leadership, and they’ll be taught to lead themselves, their team or department to success.

PILLAR FOUR: Teamwork –

You will always achieve more as a team than as individuals. SEAL teams and Marines work in team units designed to produce maximum impact. This is called the “force multiplier” effect. The same applies in your business. Teamwork will always produce a better product or service with less friction and higher profits. LTD Training will create evolutions and lessons specific to your needs to teach and instill teamwork into your organization. This will create a greater sense of loyalty among your team members and to the organization, ultimately leading to higher profits and a world-class product.

LTD (Leadership and Team Development) will instill the following primary skills into your team:

LTD (Leadership and Team Development) will instill the following primary skills into your team:

Leadership – Your organization is only as strong as its weakest leader. Your team will learn to take leadership of themselves and others to create a profitable outcome.

Communication – Assumptions create costly problems that kill profits. Your team will learn how to communicate clearly, openly and effectively so that communication breakdowns are avoided. Known fact: 86% of businesses that fail are due to poor communication.

Problem-Solving – Finding a quick solution to a problem is the defining factor to success and market domination. Your team will learn how to problem-solve and create a winning outcome with profits in mind.

Teamwork – Success is only achieved when everyone is rowing the in the same direction. Teamwork requires seeing and understanding the big picture and not just operating as an individual or department. Imagine having the “one team one fight” mentality and being able to “SHOOT, MOVE & COMMUNICATE” like a SEAL Platoon. Your team can do the same… shoot for the stars, move with purpose, and communicate up and down the chain of command with clarity and certainty!

How to be an Intrapreneur – Everything you do as an employee is tied to money, revenue and profits. Your team will learn how to see their roles as Intrapreneurs and not just employees, thereby assuming  responsibility for profits generated by their performance.

LTD Training will also hardwire your team and educate them on the following mindsets and skill sets:

  • Build a foundational environment of trust and leadership from the individual level to the team level and across departments for better communication and execution.
  • Leadership is always the problem, and leadership is always the solution. This will start with emotional intelligence, emotional discipline, emotional agility, resilience, and self awareness/social awareness.
  • Empower junior executives to step up and take on the roles, duties and responsibilities, as well as interpersonal skills they will need at the next level of executive leadership which are critical to building teams and the growth of the company.
  • Ensure the entire team is attuned to broader organizational goals and how their position affects accomplishing the mission.
  • Create a culture of feedback and accountability that prevents maladaptive behaviors.
  • Demonstrate the difference between management and leadership and why you want your team members to become effective leaders. 
  • Get more “buy in” as well as more participation, cooperation, communication and collaboration.

About LTD Training

Project Team Development will manifest a culture of leadership, ownership, accountability, and candid feedback. Your team will become wired to generate internal motivation, rather than always waiting for external forces to motivate them.

This will occur through half day, full day or two day in-person lessons using skills developed in battle and proven in business.

These leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving lessons and evolutions are proven to be highly effective and customizable regardless of what type of business or industry you operate. Your team will walk away with real world tactics, strategies and hands-on experience to help your business grow while exploiting new profit opportunities. 

Every evolution will consist of 3 phases (fully customizable):

  • Educate: Mission planning and preparation through lesson-based training
  • Operate and Participate: Field training exercise or eam training activity (completely customized for the specific team)
  • Evaluate: Debrief with instructor or team-based discussion and feedback

We will take a deep dive into the foundation of your team, with a highly immersive and granular approach, focusing on extreme attention to detail. Training will be highly customizable based on the needs of your business and the capability of your team.

Meet The Instructors

7-figure-earning entrepreneur

Steve Eckert

is a 7-figure-earning entrepreneur, owner of multiple businesses, and a business and leadership consultant to entrepreneurs across multiple industries from around the world. He’s married and a father to two kids. In the LTD Project, he will instill in you his “No Excuses” philosophy for business and life. You will discover how to always have the discipline, energy and confidence you need to take action and find profitable solutions under any circumstances.

Navy SEAL Veteran

Ray “Cash” Care

is a Navy SEAL veteran with multiple tours and numerous other overseas security details with government and intelligence agencies. Upon leaving SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two (SDV-2), Ray turned his passion and SEAL Team experience to the world of self-improvement and team building. He is an accomplished speaker on topics ranging from building high-functioning teams to organizational transformation. Ray’s approach has been featured on The History Channel “The Selection,” Discovery Channel “The Ultimate Soldier Challenge” and the BBC “Ultimate Hell Week.” He is married with two beautiful children.


See what others have to say about the LTD Project & how their teams are leveled up.


See what others have to say about the LTD Project & how their teams are leveled up.

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